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5ft King Size Mattresses

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5ft King Size Mattresses

The UK's most widely sold mattress sizes include the standard single, the standard double, and king size, which measures a generous 5'0" x 6'6".

King Size Mattress Benefits

There are various reasons people choose to buy a large bed, the most prominent is that they are roomy enough for couples or tall or heavier users.

Is a King Size Mattress the Best Size for You?

Whether a king-size mattress is the best option for you depends primarily on having adequate bedroom space for a 5ft bed while still allowing for additional furniture.

While big enough for two average-sized people, when sleeping on a standard double mattress as a couple, you might find you disturb one other during the night.

Restless partners are a frequent cause of lack of sleep, resulting in tiredness and negatively affecting you the next day. On average, people turn around 60 times every night, so ideally, a bed needs to be wide enough for partners to get a restful sleep without fear of disturbing the other.

Health Advantages

Further benefits of a king-size mattress include enhanced spinal support and decreased joint pressure.

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