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3ft Single Divan Beds

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The 3ft single divan bed is one of our bestselling items, as it is the ideal size for a child, an adult, or a guest room. We stock 3ft divans from the UK's best bed manufacturers in a number of styles and fabrics so you are bound to find something to match your room's existing decor. Our single divan beds include a mattress and come with storage options.

Single Bed Dimensions

The single bed measures 3'0" x 6'3". and is perfect for many diverse situations. A single bed gives you enough room to still move around in an average size single bedroom and provides a little extra rolling space than a small single.

A good quality single bed is a sensible purchase to make for a child as this size bed will see them through to their teenage and even adult years.

Like our other bed sizes, we sell single beds with storage options, making the most of all available storage space in a bedroom.