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We stock top-quality 3ft single mattresses from the UK's leading bed manufacturers. Our 3ft mattresses are supplied in several mattress types, from latex to pocket sprung to orthopaedic, for those who suffer from aches and pains or require a specialist bed.

Single Mattresses are Suitable for All Ages

A standard single bed is the perfect bed size for all ages, from children to seniors, and is also a popular size for a guest room. If you require a complete single bed rather than just a mattress, you can pick a 3ft base with helpful optional storage possibilities.

3ft Mattresses for Couples

A recent survey found that 29 percent of people surveyed detailed poor sleep due to restless partners, negatively affecting them the following day.

However, other studies have revealed that sleeping together helps couples get along during waking hours. Furthermore, sharing a bed can lower cortisol, commonly called "the stress hormone", reduce inflammation and anxiety, and help couples bond.

One way around the dilemma of avoiding sleep disturbances caused by your partner while maintaining the closeness of sleeping together is joining two single beds together or buying a purpose-made zip and link bed.


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