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3ft 6" Large Single Mattresses

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3ft 6" Large Single Mattresses

You will sleep very well on a 3ft 6" wide single mattress. Although this size mattress is not among the most popular sizes in the UK, you get an additional 6 inches over a standard 3ft single mattress with a large single, so it is a good buy for a fitful sleeper.

Large Single Mattress Models

We stock 3ft 6" mattresses of different types, from latex to open coil sprung or memory foam to orthopaedic for those who suffer from aches and pains. We are sure we have the perfect mattress for any sleeping pattern.

A large single bed is ideal for teens or adults who like the advantages of a spacious bed. If you pair a large single mattress with a divan or ottoman base, you will gain plenty of extra storage in a single bedroom.

We sell only high-quality large mattresses, although our prices are among the lowest you can find in the UK. We deliver free to any mainland UK address within 24 to 48 hours.


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