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In the UK, particularly in the cities where space is at a premium, many homes have small bedrooms. If you are struggling with storage space and do not have room for an extra wardrobe or chest of drawers, a divan bed with storage is the perfect answer. The main benefit of divan beds is the option of additional storage, which is incorporated into the base, but divans also have the advantage of being sturdier than the standard wood or metal frames and are more flexible when it comes to customisation and aesthetic design.

What is a divan bed?

Divan beds consist of two components: the divan base and a mattress. You can buy the base with a matching mattress or opt to buy the base only and pair it with an existing mattress. Divan bases have a sturdy wooden frame, which manufacturers usually cover in fabric, which allows you to choose from a wide range of colours, materials, and designs.

When you buy a divan bed, you will have the choice of adding drawers and a headboard. The drawers can be added to one side, both sides, or if your room is very narrow without much space for manoeuvre at the sides of the bed, you can choose to have a deep drawer at the foot of the bed.

As divan bed bases are mostly heavier than regular bases, they are usually sold with small wheels so you can move the bed easily without needing to lift it.

Although they have been around a long time, divan beds remain one of the most popular bed choices in the UK, with many people preferring them over trendy bed frames. Divans offer excellent value for money due to the additional storage, durability, and aesthetic possibilities.

Are divan beds comfortable?

For most of us, and especially once we are past our 30s, a comfortable bed is essential. Divan beds give you excellent support while you sleep, as they have a level padded platform top. After some use, slatted bases tend to bend under the sleeper's weight, which does not happen with a divan base. But when buying any bed, it is important to think of the bed and the mattress as separate parts, as when it comes to comfort, the trick is mostly in the mattress.

Are divan beds sturdy?

In terms of strength and endurance, slatted bed bases are prone to bending and breaking from too much weight or too much movement, causing the slats to snap. A divan bed base can absorb even excessive weight making it sturdier than a slated base and more long-lasting.

Are divan beds old fashioned?

Younger buyers often write off divan beds as being old-fashioned, but the bed's looks depend largely on the material covering it, and there are plenty of divan bases on the market today that look nothing like the old-fashioned divan beds popular in the 70s. Furthermore, as you can choose from a myriad of modern headboards to go with the divan base, it is easy to give a divan bed a modern, up-to-date look depending on personal preferences.

Is a divan bed the ideal choice for you?

There are different types of divans – variations in their design and construction make them suitable for diverse room styles, tastes, and budgets:

Crushed Velvet Divan Bases

A divan base covered with crushed velvet is a durable sleeping platform made from timber. This base is a budget-friendly furniture item sold with plenty of fabric, colour, and design options.

Faux Leather Divan Bases

Faux leather in the bedroom offers a luxurious, opulent look. Faux leather divans come in many colours, so it is easy to find the ideal bed to match your existing decor perfectly. The best feature of faux leather is it is super-easy to clean and maintain.

Memory Foam Divan Beds

A stylish memory foam divan bed consists of an upholstered base with a memory foam mattress or mattress topper. Memory foam mattresses are renowned for supreme comfort and support.

Coil Spring Divan Beds

Like other divan beds, coil spring divan beds come in various sizes and with storage options. Coil spring mattresses provide better ventilation than foam mattresses due to the space separating the coils, so there is less chance of a sleeper waking up damp with sweat.

Open Spring Divan Beds

An open coil divan bed offers outstanding support is ideal for consumers who prefer a firm mattress. They tend to have less resistance than pocket sprung mattresses, weigh less, and are easier to turn.

Orthopaedic Divan Beds

An orthopaedic divan bed gives you unbroken, invaluable sleep that is so elusive to many. Orthopaedic mattresses mould themselves around the sleeper's contours, supporting pressure points and offering relief from aches and pains.

How much do divan beds cost?

Divan bases tend to be more expensive than standard beds due to the additional materials needed to produce them. While the cost may be higher, remember you are buying a bed and storage, and the final price is likely to be lower than buying a regular bed plus an additional piece of furniture for storage.

The cost of divan beds varies enormously, depending on many factors, including the manufacturer, the retailer, the materials used, the bed's size, if you decide on optional features such as storage, a headboard, etc. You can expect to pay anywhere between £135 for a single divan to several thousand pounds for a top of the range item. The only way to know what you'll end up paying is to go to a local retailer and ask, or go online and search for the bed that meets your requirements. At Cheap Bed Sale, we pride ourselves on offering our customers superb value for money and only sell top-quality beds at heavily discounted prices.

Transforming your room with a divan bed

A divan bed set can work wonders for transforming a dull and ordinary room into a welcoming, cosy space. The diverse range of colours and materials available means you are sure to find a divan that matches your ideal decor ideas and customises your room to suit your personality.

How are divan beds delivered?

A new double size divan bed will typically come in two parts, with separate legs. To assemble the bed, you will need to turn the main sections upside down and fix the legs onto the base. Most manufacturers will include the screws and a tool to connect the screws to the frame. You will then have to join the two base halves and secure them together, usually done with clips.

Divan bed height

Including the frame and mattress, a bed with a regular slatted frame is around 2 feet or 24 inches high. Platform beds, which have a low design, tend to be approximately 20 inches tall or less. Divan and Ottoman beds are around 28 inches on average, depending on the storage options.

If a bed is too low for your height, it may be hard on your joints when you lower yourself onto the bed. A too high bed may also be problematic and cause aching legs, but bed height will usually only present a problem if you are elderly or suffer from an injury or bad back.

Shopping for a Divan Bed

If you have decided a divan bed is the correct choice for you, we are delighted to offer you a wide range of items from which to choose. When ordering with Cheap Bed Sale, we guarantee the following:

  • A quality manufactured bed
  • Space-saving storage options
  • Quality sleep
  • Top choice of brands
  • Free delivery
  • Money savings
  • After-sales service

When you order from a long-established retailer like us, you can be confident we will get your delivery to you in optimal condition and as soon as possible. Please contact our team of product experts if you would like more information about the divan beds in stock.