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Of the many varieties of beds we supply at Cheap Bed Sale, divan beds are the most popular. We stock all sizes from 2ft 6", which are ideal for small bedrooms, to 6ft super king divans for those lucky enough to have a large enough bedroom to accommodate such a luxurious bed.

A 3ft 6in divan bed is considered a large single bed in the UK. They are more spacious than the standard UK single bed with an extra six inches added to the width, but six inches narrower than the next size up, a 4ft small double bed.

Which Size?

Our 3ft 6" large single divan beds are usually purchased by solo adult sleepers who do not need a double bed or don't have enough space but like the idea of the extra six inches, this size offers over a standard single.

The UK standard large single mattress is 105x190cm (or 3ft 6" x 6ft 6"), so there is plenty of room for a single adult to move around comfortably.

However, if you buy the bed for a single room, it is best to measure your available space before buying. Although a large single divan bed is more spacious than other UK singles sizes, it might not be worth having that bit of extra mattress space if it means having a cramped room and having to compromise on other bedroom furnishings.

Extra Storage

Divan beds have a significant advantage over other bed frames in that they offer storage space constructed into the bed base, which uses all possible space in the bedroom.

When ordering a large single divan bed from us, you have the choice of requesting a base with or without drawers. The drawers provide ample storage space for linens, books, toys, or clothing, etc., without taking up extra floor space.

Large single divan beds are also a suitable option for a bedsit or a guest room, as these don't usually need or have room for a double bed.

3ft 6" Mattresses

Our 3ft 6" divan beds are available with different mattress types, including pocket spring, open spring, and top-rated memory foam mattresses.

Memory foam shapes to your body responding to heat and pressure, so your body weight is evenly distributed over the surface.

Memory foam additionally affords health benefits by alleviating body aches, back pain, and joint soreness. It will also help your body recover from injuries. This is because the foam removes pressure from pain points on the body, such as ankles, knees, and hips. In addition, areas of pain have a somewhat higher temperature than other parts of the body. Memory foam recognises these differences and forms to the body accordingly by reducing pressure to the painful and warmer area.

3ft 6" Headboards

When you order a 3ft 6·" large single divan bed from Cheap Bed Sale, you can add an optional matching headboard to the order. If you already have a 3ft 6" headboard you are content with or would prefer to buy another model; you can buy a large single bed without a headboard.

Our 3ft 6" Single Divan Bed Stock

We stock 3ft 6" divan beds from the leading UK bed manufacturers in many diverse fabrics and colours, so we are confident we have a bed to suit your room's existing decor.

Our free next-day delivery service covers all our beds, and we can have your new bed on your doorstep within 24 to 48 hours.


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