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The open coil spring mattress is the most commonly used mattress in the UK because this type of mattress is very affordable and a good buy in relation to price. If turned regularly, it will retain its shape and firmness.

We stock a huge selection of open spring mattresses from leading UK manufacturers, including our own in-house brand HF4You. When open coil mattress shopping, you will see the 'gauge' of the bed mentioned in the classification. The gauge number relates to the spring's wire width. The lower the gauge number, the denser the wire, which signifies a firmer mattress. So, a 12-gauge coil sprung mattress is firmer than a 13.5-gauge coil bed which gives a less firm sleeping surface.

Is an Open Coil Sprung Mattress Right For You?

The open coil spring mattress is a perfect choice if you are on a budget and want a comfortable mattress without any innovative modern materials. This type is ideal and affordable if you need a mattress that will endure rigorous wear and tear, such as children jumping on the bed.

However, an open coil mattress may not be the best option for couples, as the design does not prevent motion transfer. If one partner is heavier than the other, the lighter partner is likely to roll into the heavier person. In this situation, a pocket sprung mattress is a better option.

If you are unsure which mattress to choose, an open coil sprung mattress provides a comfortable and cost-effective solution.


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