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Memory Foam & Latex Mattresses

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Memory Foam & Latex Mattresses

Memory Foam mattresses are also known as viscoelastic mattresses. This mattress material uses your body heat as a means to soften the foam. You'll notice immediately just how comfortable this doughy mattress is as it moulds to suit the shape of your body.

Is a Memory Foam Mattress Right for You?

Memory foam is antimicrobial and therefore inhibits the growth of bacteria. So buying a memory foam mattress helps to wave goodbye to dust mites and allergic reactions. So if you are prone to suffer from allergies, this mattress is a smart option.

Because memory foam offers excellent support and allows you to move naturally and freely in your sleep, it's perfect for those who often fidget and find it hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. A memory foam bed may be the answer if you sleep poorly or wake with aching joints.

With your weight spread over the bed surface evenly, circulation is improved, and thus, a memory foam bed can give relief from many ailments, including backache and arthritis.

Latex Mattresses Benefits

Natural latex is derived from rubber trees. A latex mattress has a distinctive springy feel. 

Latex is an attractive option for those who don't like to feel too warm in bed, as, unlike memory foam, latex absorbs only a small amount of body heat, so the sleeper will always feel relatively cool.

Latex mattresses have similar health benefits and supports pressure points, including the ankles, shoulders, knees, and hips. Latex's flexibility encourages correct spinal alignment.

Like memory foam, latex is antimicrobial by nature. It resists harmful organisms, making it a foremost choice for allergy sufferers.


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