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Headboards in Many Types and Designs

We sell headboards from leading UK manufacturers, plus our own HF4You and CBS brands, which, because we cut out the middlemen, are available at highly competitive prices.

Our headboards come in materials fitting for both the chic and practical-minded. If endurance is important to you, consider textiles like faux leather or polyester. Also, look at headboards in darker shades as a darker grey, forest green, or navy blue.

For those who are more into style than practicality, a suede or velvet tufted headboard looks striking. But bear in mind that these materials may be hard to clean, and marks show more on these than other types of materials.

Padded upholstered designs give a room a cozy, warm look, whereas a leather or faux leather headboard will add a masculine feel.

Headboard styles

The most popular shape for a headboard is rectangular or rectangular with an arched top. You attach this design to the bed's base, with the bottom edge of the headboard placed below the top of the mattress.

Wooden slatted headboard designs are currently fashionable and match any bedroom decor.

At Cheap Bed Sale, we have headboards in many gorgeous fabrics, in all standard UK bed sizes, and all with free UK delivery.

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