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At Cheap Bed Sale, you can find a headboard ready-made for any bed frame of a standard UK size. Unless you are sure of your bed size, it is important to measure the bed before ordering to make sure you buy the correct size. For example, you might think your bed is a standard single bed, which would be 3ft wide when in actuality, it is a 3ft 6" wide, large single. It is not always easy to know a bed's dimensions just by looking at it.

Contemporary Headboard Sizes

Most headboard designs are about half an inch wider than the frame on each side. Nevertheless, some people favour headboards that are much wider than the bed as a backdrop for the night tables.

You can fit extra-wide headboards above the floor as you would a regular headboard, or for a more striking effect, choose a type that reaches down to the floor.

Extra tall headboards are another popular alternative. They can be as tall as your taste prefers, but the usual inclination is that the headboard is not higher than the bed's length.

We sell headboards from leading UK manufacturers, plus our proprietary HF4You and CBS models. Order today and get free and fast UK delivery on any headboard.

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