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4ft 6" Double Mattresses

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4ft 6" Double Mattresses

Standard double mattresses measure 4ft 6" wide and 6ft 3" long in the UK. The standard double is among our bestsellers at Cheap Bed Sale, along with the 3ft standard single.

A 4ft 6-inch bed is small enough to fit in most bedrooms comfortably while at the same time large enough for two adults to sleep side by side. However, these days the trend is for more extensive beds. If you have enough space, the luxuriousness of a 5ft king size or a 6ft super king size mattress is possibly worth the extra investment, especially if one or both partners are restless sleepers.

4ft 6" Bed Models

We sell double mattresses in varied types, from latex to pocket sprung or orthopaedic. With so many choices on offer, we are sure we can assist you in finding the perfect mattress for a great night's sleep.

We stock high-quality double mattresses from the UK's top mattress makers, as well as our own affordable HF4You brand. Our beds and mattresses are made to the highest standards but at very reasonable prices. The low cost makes them accessible to all shoppers, regardless of budget.

Our double beds are delivered free to your door, covered by our next-day delivery service.


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