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Top Quality Headboards at Amazingly Cheap Prices

Is it time to give your bedroom a makeover? Headboards are an excellent way to smarten up a bedroom. At Cheap Bed Sale, we stock a wide variety of headboards in a range of colours and finishes. You can shop by type, size, or price and in the following sizes: 2ft 6, 3ft Single, 3ft 6, 4ft, 4ft 6, King, and Super King.We supply headboards in various materials. You can choose from cosy upholstered, traditional wood, or minimalistic metal headboards.

Fabric and Upholstery Options On All Our Cheap Headboards

Our headboards come in fabrics suitable for both the stylish and practically minded. If durability is a priority, think about fabrics that are a mix of cotton and polyester. Also, go for a headboard in a darker colour such as dark grey or navy blue.

For style, velvet tufted headboards look stunning. However, this material can be hard to clean, and marks show more than on other materials. Quilted and padded designs give a room a homely warm look. In comparison, leather and faux leather headboards add a masculine touch.

Headboard styles

The most common headboard shape is rectangular or rectangular with a curved top edge. You commonly attach this design to the bottom of the bed, with the bottom edge below the top of the mattress.

Wooden slatted designs are also trendy and will match any existing bedroom decor. Other options include studded headboards, wicker, bamboo, and some people even opt for cardboard headboards decorated with drawings or prints.

Separate Headboards

When buying a new bed, consumers don't always like the headboard that comes with the bed. Maybe it's too conventional for their taste, or the size is not what they wanted. For this reason, we sell our beds with or without a headboard, which gives customers the freedom to choose a headboard that completely matches their bedroom decor.

If your current headboard is old or you want a new look, it is much cheaper to buy a headboard without having to invest in a new bed frame. A new headboard, fresh bed linen, an attractive rug and curtains will give your room a brand new look without breaking the bank.

What Do Headboards Do - Are They Really Necessary?

The short answer is no; you can sleep perfectly well without a headboard. However, this simple piece of furniture has a surprising number of benefits, which include:

  • A headboard adds support to the bed frame.
  • It helps protect the wall against abrasion.
  • If you sleep in a bed without a headboard, the wall will become dirty after time. It is natural to sweat during the night, which soaks into the bed linen, and if the pillow or your head rubs against the wall, the wall will develop a darker patch. Sleeping with a headboard keeps the wall behind the bed clean.
  • Headboards, like a wall, are prone to staining over the years, but they are easy to keep clean. You can vacuum fabric headboards and wipe them with a damp cloth to get rid of dust. If necessary, use an upholstery cleaning product to remove marks. It is advisable to first read the manufacturer's cleaning instructions before using products on fabric headboards.
  • Metal and wooden headboards won't stain, but they can become dusty. Furniture polish will get rid of most of the dust. Usually, wood and metal headboards only require an occasional dusting and a wipe.
  • If you like to read in bed or use a tablet or laptop, it's way more comfortable to lean against a headboard than a hard wall. A headboard also makes breakfast in bed more enjoyable.
  • A headboard keeps the pillow in place, stopping it from sliding down the gap between the wall and bed.
  • A headboard helps you keep warm in bed. If your bedroom wall is cold and uninsulated, a headboard will go a long way to prevent you from waking up because you feel cold.
  • Headboards come in plenty of different designs and textiles, so you can easily find the perfect item to add a personal feel to your room. The bed will become an attractive piece of furniture and determining your design style.

Are Headboards a Standard Size?

If your bed is a standard UK size, you can easily find a headboard in the same size.

Separate headboards are also made for more unusual sizes like European doubles, small doubles, and European king-size beds. It is important to measure the bed before you buy to make sure your chosen headboard is the correct size. You might assume your bed is a standard 3ft single, for instance, when in fact, it is a 3ft 6" large single. It can be difficult to tell a bed's size by only looking at it. The standard UK headboard width is about one-third of an inch wider than the bed frame on each side.

Having said that, some people prefer a headboard to be much wider than the bed, to also give a backdrop to bedside tables.

An extra-wide headboard can be fixed above the floor at the same height as a conventional headboard, or you can find some models that extend to the floor for a more striking effect.

The standard headboard height extends from 14″ over the mattress for a short headboard typically bought for a single or double bed, or to 29″ (or even more) for a king-sized headboard.

Tall headboards can reach as high as you want, with the general trend being the headboard isn't taller than the length of the bed.

The average height of the mattress surface from the floor is about 25″. This elevation allows most people to get in or out of bed easily. If you have a platform bed or other taller style of bed frame or use a thick mattress topper, the mattress may be higher. So, it is a good idea to measure your bed's height and width to get a well-fitting headboard.

Can Headboards be Attached to the Wall?

You can attach a headboard to the wall, but you will need hardware such as French cleat brackets, which are perfect for wall mounting heavy items. You'll need to drill the provided cleat plates to the headboard and then mount it to the wall.

Happy headboard hunting! If you need help with choosing a headboard, contact us. Our team of experienced staff is always glad to help.

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