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5ft King Size Divan Beds

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Our divan bed range is the most popular of the many types of beds we stock at Cheap Bed Sale. We stock divan beds in all standard UK sizes from 2ft 6", perfect for children and for small bedrooms, to 6ft super king divans for master bedrooms with enough space to contain such a large, luxurious bed.

With a standard double bed measuring 4ft 6 inches wide and the average size of people of Britain increasing over the decades, some adults feel sleeping as a couple in a standard double bed does not offer enough wiggle-room. At 5ft wide, a king-size bed gives each person that extra bit more elbow and legroom, which can make all the difference between a good or restless night's sleep.

King-size Storage

Divan beds have a notable advantage over regular wood or metal bed frames in that they allow for storage space within the bed base, which uses all potential room in the bedroom.

Due to the large width of a king-size bed, this also translates to extra storage space, giving you ample room for clothes, bedding, towels, etc.

When ordering a king 5ft divan bed from us, you have the choice of a base with or without drawers. The drawers can be placed on one side, both sides, or at the end of the bed.

Family Time

A king-sized mattress is a perfect place to unwind with your family on a cosy or wet weekend if you have young children. What better way to relax than spending a lazy afternoon in bed watching TV with the family?

King 5ft Mattresses

Our king-size divan beds are available with several mattress types, including pocket spring, open spring, and increasingly popular memory foam.

Memory foam configures to your body shape reacting to warmth and pressure, so your weight is evenly spread over the mattress surface.

Memory foam has health advantages by relieving soreness, backache, and joint pain. A memory foam mattress will also help your body recover from an injury. This is because the foam eliminates pressure from pain points such as ankles, knees, and hips.

Because areas of pain have a moderately higher temperature than usual, memory foam
forms to the painful regions accordingly, reducing pressure to the warmer parts.

5ft King Size Headboards

When you order a king-size divan bed from Cheap Bed Sale, you have the option of ordering the bed with or without a matching headboard.

Our 5ft King Size Divan Bed Stock

While the narrower 4ft 6" double divan is a better seller at Cheap Bed Sale, our range of 5ft king size divan beds is the obvious choice if your room is large enough. We have an extensive selection of 5ft divans, and the extra space makes all the difference to help you get a fabulous sleep.

Our king-size range comes in many styles and materials, so you are sure to find something to suit your taste and budget.

Order today and get your bed delivered with our fast and free next-day delivery service.