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4ft Small Double Mattresses

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4ft Small Double Mattresses

If you sleep alone, you will love a spacious 4ft small double mattress. While this size is not as widely sold as the standard 4ft 6" double, it is a perfect choice for couples with small bedrooms or lone sleepers who have enough room for a small double bed instead of a standard single.

Small Double Beds for Couples

A small double 4ft mattress is ideal for two adults of average size who have space and cannot accommodate a regular double bed.

Our 4ft beds come in different mattress types, from memory foam and latex to open coil or pocket sprung, so we are certain we can supply you with the ideal mattress to match your sleeping preferences.

We deliver our small 4ft mattresses to your UK address within 24 to 48 hours, as part of our free delivery service.


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