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4ft 6" Double Beds and Bed Frames

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A standard double mattress in the UK is 4ft 6" wide and 6ft 3" long. The double bed is one of the most popular bed sizes in the UK. A 4ft 6" double bed is small enough that it will fit into most bedrooms but big enough so two adults can share the bed and sleep comfortably. However, many couples who sleep in the same bed favour a 5ft King bed, or if space allows, a 6ft Super King. These plus-size beds are perfect if a person fidgets in the night, as in such a large bed, their movement is less likely to disturb their partner. We supply double mattresses and beds from the UK's leading bed manufacturers. Our beds are made to the highest standards but without matching high price tags. We are among the most inexpensive furniture retailers in the UK.

Double Bed Models

Our double beds are available in several mattress types, from latex to pocket sprung to open coil to orthopaedic. With so many options, we are sure we can help you find an ideal bed. We can deliver a brand new double bed to your door within 24 to 48 hours, covered by our free delivery service. If you feel a standard double might restrict your bedroom space, check out our range of small double beds. Alternatively, for those looking for that extra leg room, peruse through our king size offerings.