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Zip & Link Divan Beds

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When you sleep with a partner, finding an ideal bed that suits both partners is essential to get a good night's sleep.

Finding the perfect item is often tricky when shopping as a couple for a bed or mattress, as people have different preferences for mattress firmness and support. Most couples like a bed that offers each partner plenty of space, without motion transference

Zip & Link Beds for Distinct Sleeping Preferences

If you and your companion have different bed firmness preferences, a zip & link divan bed is a solution.

A zip and link divan bed has separate mattresses, so each side is dependent of the other. With this arrangement, each partner can pick a mattress that matches their preference.

Zip & link divans are also perfect for people of different weights. If one partner is heavy they can use a firm mattress, while the lighter person may prefer a less firm sleeping surface. Zip & link beds stop the lighter person from rolling into the heavier sleeper and prevent motion transfer.