Small Single 2ft 6" Beds and Bed Frames

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Small Single 2ft 6" Beds and Bed Frames

While our 3ft single beds are the best seller in our extensive single bed range, in some cases, a 2ft 6" small single divan bed is the better choice. Small yet sturdy, our wide selection of high-quality small single divans is ideal for a toddler's first bed after transitioning from a cot, a guest bedroom, or for a small child.

Single Beds Are Perfect for Small Rooms

Many homes in the UK feature one large bedroom plus several smaller rooms. The dimensions of a 2ft 6" small single bed allow a small room's occupants to have extra space available in a compact room for other furnishings and storage.

To further increase storage, most of our small single beds are available with optional drawers incorporated into the base. These offer ample storage for toys, bed linen, or clothing without needing extra floor space.

Create a Cosy Guest Room

Because guest rooms are not always in use, most of us choose the smallest room in the home as the guest room. You can transform a small room into a comfortable retreat regardless of the available space. Just making a few changes can make an otherwise small room appear spacious.

Adding mirrors, full-length curtains, and making good use of wall space help create the illusion of a larger room but downsizing the bed to a 2ft 6" single is the most effective way to add extra inches of space. Move the bed away from the wall if possible, so there is space on both sides. This makes it easier for your visitor to access the bed and gives the feeling of more space.

If you sometimes need to accommodate a couple or two visitors in your guest room, consider a 3 in 1 pull-out trundle bed. The main part of the bed is 3ft wide, with an additional 2ft 6" single pull-out bed that makes it ideal for couples or two people.

2ft 6" Mattresses

Our 2ft 6" divan beds are available with various mattress types, including open spring, pocket spring, and our best-selling memory foam mattresses. Memory foam improves sleep quality by contouring to the body's natural shape and evenly distributing the sleeper's weight.

2ft 6" Headboards

Our 2ft 6" small single divans come with the choice of an optional matching headboard. Therefore, if you already have a headboard you are happy with or have seen another model you prefer, you can order a small single bed without a headboard.

Our 2ft 6" Small Single Divan Bed Stock

We stock quality 2ft 6 divan beds from the UK's leading bed manufacturers, and our prices start at less than £100. Although we only sell high-quality beds, we are delighted to keep our prices among the lowest in the UK, with great deals on divans of all sizes.

We supply a full spectrum of 2ft 6-inch beds in diverse styles, colours, and materials to choose from, including but not limited to faux leather, damask fabric, and luxurious crushed velvet.

Just about all our small single divan beds are available within 24 to 48 hours, and delivery to mainland UK is free.


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