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3ft Cheap Single Beds and Bed Frames

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3ft Cheap Single Beds and Bed Frames

Our 3ft single beds are the best seller among our large selection of smaller single beds. The standard single mattress is the second most used mattress size in the UK. So, unless you are very tall or broader than average, a 3ft single mattress is a good size for a single adult, teen, or child.

The UK standard single mattress is 90x190cm (or 3ft x 6ft 6"), so there should be sufficient space for most adults to turn over into different sleeping positions during the night.

However, if you have a tiny room or the bed is for a toddler, a 2ft 6" small single bed could be a better choice.

Robust and comfortable, our wide choice of high-quality single-divan beds are perfect for most situations.

Which Size Is Best?

If you are a solo adult sleeper and need a bed but are unsure which size to buy, you first need to think of the bedroom size. You might have enough room for a double bed, and the idea of having plenty of room to stretch out may be tempting. But it would help if you thought about how the bed will fit into and look in the bedroom. A large bed in a small bedroom can make the room appear very cramped, and a narrow bed in a large room can look out of place.

Interior designers advise on a ratio of around 1:3 between the bed and bedroom size, but this is not always feasible, especially when talking of king and super king-size beds. But at the very least, it is best if there are 30 inches of space between the sides and end of the bed and the walls or wardrobes and dressers. As a standard single bed is 18 inches narrower than a UK standard double bed, this size affords much more extra space in a room that is on the smaller side.

Cheap Single Bed Prices

When deciding on a bed size for a single bedroom, keep in mind the price. We supply our divan beds in all sizes, from small single to super king, and the cost varies depending on the size. So, if you are on a budget, the price factor may help you decide if you want to buy a double divan or better quality, single bed. Generally speaking, the larger the bed, the bigger the price tag, so a single bed is the most affordable option if you are on a limited budget. Our prices start at under £100.

Extra Storage

Single divan beds are perfect for furnishing small rooms and offer a significant advantage over a plain wooden or metal bed if you are looking for storage solutions or making the most available space. This is because you can order drawers incorporated into the bed base. The drawers provide plenty of storage for linens, books, toys, clothing, etc., without taking up extra floor space.

Single divans are also a good choice for a small bedsit or a guest room, as these types of rooms don't usually need or have room for a large bed.

3ft Beds Ideal for Children

Suitable for a solo adult sleeper, cheap single beds are also ideal for children as they don't take up much space in a child's bedroom but are big enough to accommodate children for many years as they grow up.

3ft Mattresses

Our 3ft divan beds are sold with several mattress types, including models with pocket springs, open springs, and our top-selling memory foam mattresses. Memory foam is a highly resilient material that reacts to body weight and is temperature sensitive. When you lie down, the foam spontaneously forms to your shape. This body-conforming characteristic sets memory foam apart from other types of mattresses, making it a prevalent choice.

3ft Headboards

When you order a 3ft single divan bed from Cheap Bed Sale, you have the choice of adding an optional matching headboard to your order. If you already have a 3ft headboard you are satisfied with or have seen another headboard you prefer, you can purchase a single bed without a headboard.

Our 3ft Single Bed Stock

We stock 3ft divans from the UK's best bed manufacturers in many styles and fabrics, so you are sure to find something to match your room's existing decor.
Our free next-day delivery service covers all our divan beds; we will deliver your new bed to your door within 24 to 48 hours.


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