5ft King Size Beds and Bed Frames

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5ft King Size Beds and Bed Frames

The king-size bed is 5ft wide and among the bed sizes in the UK. This mattress size is stocked by nearly all bed sellers and provides an extra 6 inches of sleeping space compared to a regular double 4ft 6" mattress.

A wide bed, a king-size bed measures 5'0" x 6'6. However, a king-size is only a feasible choice if your bedroom is large enough to accommodate it.

Hence, in the UK where our bedrooms are comparatively small opposed to larger countries like the US, most houses or flats will only have sufficient room for a king-size bed in the main bedroom.

King Size Beds for Less Motion Transfer

This 5ft mattress is perfect for partners who share a bed and who like to stretch out during the night or for couples who are restless sleepers. Due to the size of the bed, motion transfer is kept to a minimum, particularly when paired with a pocket sprung mattress.

A king-size bed is also an excellent size for tall people, as any of the smaller standard UK bed sizes measure 6ft 3" in length. At 6ft 6", a king-size affords an extra three inches of space to prevent legs from hanging over the end of the bed.


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