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4ft Cheap Small Double Beds and Bed Frames and Mattress Options

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4ft Cheap Small Double Beds and Bed Frames and Mattress Options

At Cheap Bed Sale, we know the importance of a good, peaceful night's sleep so we endeavour to offer as many bed options as possible. Small double divan beds are perfect when you are restricted for space, but a single won't quite do the trick.

Cheap Small Double Beds for Couples

A small double bed will accommodate two average-sized sleepers with limited bedroom space, which won't hold a standard double bed. It is also an attractive option for those who sleep alone but who enjoy the luxury of a roomy bed.

If you are shopping for a bed base and mattress or a small double bed base without a mattress, we have several practical storage options for you to choose from.

We deliver our small double beds to any mainland UK address within 24 to 48 hours, without additional fees.

If you feel you can afford that little bit more space, don't forget to browse through our selection of standard double and king-size beds.

Choosing a Mattress

We like your experience to be as flexible as possible when you shop with us. Therefore, we offer our customers the choice of buying a complete bed set with the frame, mattress, and matching headboard. We also sell these items as standalone products. Most customers opt to purchase small double beds with a mattress, as buying a brand-new bed frame, but keeping a worn mattress can be counterproductive when it is the mattress that mainly contributes to a great night's sleep.


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