Cheap Beds with Storage

Cheap Beds with Storage

Storage Bed Bases Save Money and Space

Cheap divan bed bases and beds with storage serve as a dresser and a bed frame, saving money on extra furniture and conserving space in a small room.

Why waste that redundant space under your bed? For a sleek storage option in the bedroom, a divan storage bed provides drawer space as well as a place to sleep.

We sell inexpensive beds with storage beds both online, and from our showroom in Cleckheaton, Leeds. We offer free next-day delivery on almost all our items, making a cheap divan base the perfect solution if you are on a budget.

Crushed Velvet Timber Divan Base

Our crushed velvet divan bed base is one of our best sellers and among our most affordable divan bed bases. With a sleek modern design that marries function and form, this luxurious platform divan base is made from top-quality British timber in the UK.

Providing even support and a sturdy foundation for the mattress, this bed base is very solid. The castor feet are an attractive feature that also makes moving the bed around effortless.

The divan bed base comes with various drawer options, so no matter where you decide to place it in the room, there are storage solutions that will fit in with your plans. For example, if the bed is placed against a wall, you can opt for two drawers on one side, or if it will be in the middle of the room, two drawers on either side is a handier option.

The ample draw space makes this bed a tremendous space-saver for small bedrooms. You also have the possibility of ordering a matching headboard or a contrasting headboard to create a striking effect.

It's easy to assemble this product once it is in the bedroom, so why not transform your room this week for an amazingly low price!

Crushed Velvet Timber Bed Base

Diamond Luxury Divan Bed Set with Memory Foam Mattress

Simple, modern, and inexpensive, the Diamond Luxury Divan Bed Set comes with a memory foam mattress and is sold in all seven standard UK bed sizes.

This bed set combines comfort, elegance, and storage to create a stylish furniture item for your home.

The base of the mattress is made with 13.5-gauge open coil springs. The mattress top is covered with a thick layer of memory foam for additional comfort and a unique sleeping experience. Memory foam contours to your body's shape and relieves pressure points.

We stock a wide range of headboards to match this bed perfectly in all sizes and many styles.

With the option of drawers built into the base, this bed set is perfect for storing bed linens, clothes, or anything else you can fit in. The smooth sliding opening system always makes your items easily accessible.

Diamond Luxury Bed Set

Crushed Velvet Ottoman Storage Bed

This crushed velvet bed is available with a matching headboard. It comes in five sizes, with a choice of four colours.

Unlike the previous two storage beds featured in this post, this bed is Ottoman style, which means the entire bed base is available for storage.

Ottoman storage beds on average have around 40% more space to keep your items than a divan bed base with storage without taking up any extra floor space.

So, if you have oversized bulky items to store, it is an easier task with an Ottoman base, as you have the entire area beneath the mattress to use, which is not the case when the available room is divided into drawers.

To help keep your items organised, you can use storage dividers or boxes and view everything at a glance without rummaging through your belongings. An Ottoman base is the best solution to get the most storage capacity from a bed.

Apart from space, some people don't like the look of drawer handles on their bed base. If you are one of these, you might prefer an Ottoman to a divan with drawers, as Ottoman beds are very discreet. When the bed is closed, it is impossible to see the mattress lifts.

Crushed Velvet Ottoman Bed

Furthermore, if you have a small bedroom with only enough space to move around the bed, drawers may be inconvenient to open. In this case, an Ottoman bed might be the best option as they open vertically rather than pulled out horizontally.

If you decide an Ottoman storage bed is more practical for your needs than a bed base with drawers, you can't go wrong with the Crushed Velvet Ottoman Bed. The bed is exquisitely finished with a Chesterfield-style headboard adorned with diamantes. This bed will become the focal point of your room, adding luxury, comfort, and plenty of hidden storage.